2017 Boiler Drum Level Instrumentation Guidebook now available

Jan. 18, 2017

Clark-Reliance Corporation has announced the revised and expanded 2017 Edition of its Boiler Inspection Guidelines for Drum Level Instrumentation. The authoritative guidebook presents ASME Section I water gage inspection requirements for handy, on-the-job reference by boiler operators or boiler inspectors.

New to the guidebook this year is content pertaining to the use of magnetic level gages (MLGs) to indicate water level, a topic which has generated confusion in the past. The standard use of a MLG from most gage manufacturers may result in a Code violation and a safety hazard. However, MLGs can be code compliant if properly employed as detailed in the guidebook.

The guidebook includes Code requirements for water columns, water gage valves, gage glass, remote level indicators, magnetic water level gages, and water column isolation shutoff valves. The information is completely up-to-date and includes the 2015 Code changes and CSD-1 requirements as well as recommendations from Section 7. Additionally, the guidebook lists the most common non-compliant drum level equipment arrangements and recommended solutions, helping to improve plant and personnel safety.

The book is free to qualified recipients and is the latest version of a highly popular guide used by thousands of boiler operators as well as insurance companies. Its handbook size, spiral binding and laminated pages make it appropriate for in-plant reference and referral.

Copies of the book are available at http://www.boilerinspectionguide.com.