Advanced Pressure Systems launches new tool rental company

July 8, 2015

Advanced Pressure Systems (APS), manufacturer of high pressure water blasting equipment and accessories, announces the launch of their new, high pressure water blasting Tool Rental Company.  The equipment available for rent is some of the safest, hands-free, water blasting tools in the industry and is manufactured by StoneAge, a company committed to cutting edge product development and engineering.

David Mitchell, senior vice-president, said: “As a longtime distributor of StoneAge products, we thought it was only a natural progression to expand our capabilities and service offerings in the high pressure tool rental arena. Our tool rental company is another added bonus for our customers and an opportunity to bolster our growth strategy.

“With APS’s ship channel branch in LaPorte TX customers can conveniently pick-up their equipment or have it shipped directly to their site.”

Equipment available for rent:

•    Autobox ABX-2L Flex Lancing Machine with Positioner

•    Autobox ABX 500-Automated Hose Control

•    Torus TR 130-3D Rotary Head and Cage Centralizer

•    BJV Series 2D Nozzles

•    Barracuda-Rotary Shotgun Tools

•    Spitfire-Rotary Shotgun Tools

•    Gopher-Speed Controlled Rotary Cleaning for Tubes

•    Badger-Rotary Cleaning Tool

•    Dual Rotary Lancing Machine