J D Neuhaus air-operated hoists elevate efficiency when cleaning storage tanks

March 17, 2015

More and more companies are turning to air-operated hoists for effective ways to clean storage tanks. These lifting devices, which offer precise load placement control through convenient hand pendants, are being used successfully for truck tank cleaning operations worldwide. In fact, J D Neuhaus air-operated hoists are deployed in a variety of transport tank cleaning applications, including road and rail transit tankers and marine transporters.

Typically, injector heads with nozzles are used to clean inside these inherently dirty vessels by dispensing hot/cold water or steam at high pressures. If required, sometimes solvents are also included in the cleaning solution. JDN hoists lift, support, and accurately position injector heads to ensure a thorough clean. For ease of traversing, overhead rail trolleys are mounted to the hoists, to ensure the entire internal area of the tank is efficiently washed and cleaned.

Another reason JDN air hoists are being used is because the compressed air power used for all operations is intrinsically safe. In fact, JDN air-operated hoists are Ex-rated, which makes them suitable for deployment wherever highly volatile liquids or chemicals are transported or stored. JDN equipment also incorporates increased spark protection for use in areas with potentially combustible or explosive atmospheres.

For heavy-duty applications, JDN Profi TI series hoists are quicker and more energy-efficient than ever. Available with different controls to suit specific requirements, Profi TI hoists operate at an air pressure of 4-6 bar and are suitable for loads from 550 lbs to 100 metric tons. Infinitely variable speed control is supplemented by features such as explosion protection; fail-safe starting conditions; easy operation; low headroom; sound absorption; and insensitivity to dust, humidity, and temperatures from –20° to +70° C. Upkeep costs are alleviated by design factors like the low-maintenance vane motor and dustproof, maintenance-free ball bearings. The hoists are also suitable for lube-free operation. The standard safety rating for these products is EX II 2 GD IIA T4 / EX II 3 GD IIB T4. Increased spark protection is also available to achieve EX II 2 GD IIC T4 accreditation.

For lighter duty applications the JDN Mini represents a handy, flexible, and universally deployable series of hoists. Functioning at 6 bar air pressure, the Mini series can carry loads up to 2,160 lbs. Available with lifting heights of 3, 5, and 8 meters, Mini hoists are lightweight for easy handling and feature extremely sensitive lever control (with emergency shut-off valve) so injector heads can be positioned with precision inside the tank during cleaning. The hoists offer much of the functionality of the larger Profi series, such as explosion protection, easy maintenance, and suitability for lube-free operation. The standard safety rating for the Mini products is EX II 3 GD IIA T4.

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