DFW Tank Cleaning's new facility to be up and cleaning by March 08

March 1, 2008
DFW Tank Cleaning near Waxahachie TX plans to have its new tank cleaning facility in operation by the first of March

DFW Tank Cleaning near Waxahachie TX plans to have its new 28,000-square-foot, six-bay tank cleaning facility south of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in operation by the first of March, according to Randy Wasson, vice president of Coal City Cob Inc., parent of the facility.

One bay is isolated for foodgrade, four for chemicals, and the sixth will handle totes. Ben Kelley of OMK Enterprises, Mesquite TX, coordinated the project.

The facility typically has the capacity to handle 850 tank trailers per month with a maximum throughput of 1,000 per month. Starting off with handling Coal City Cob tank trailers for the first 45 days, the company expects to clean about 350 per month. After opening for commercial customers, the tank wash is expected to handle about 650 tank trailers per month.

Peacock Co. Inc. supplied the 60-gallon-per-minute single pass, non-recirculated unit that operates at 600 psi. The unit is skid-mounted.

Two tank cleaning bays for hard-to-clean products are equipped with a custom-built vat system supplied by Scott Services of Dallas TX. There are four 1,200-gallon vats, each preheated with 1 1/2-inch steam coils and using a Superior Boiler Works 75-horsepower boiler provided by Tigert Boiler Works of Lancaster TX.

The wastewater system has three 12,000-gallon equalization aeration tanks and a custom-fabricated dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit that includes pH adjustment and monitoring, as well as polymer/flocculant injection. The system has the capacity to operate at 50 gallons per minute of continuous discharge, but will typically handle 20 to 25 gallons per minute. It is semi-automated and is equipped with a touchscreen and programmable logic controller.

Avia Environmental LLC, based in Longview TX, directed the permitting process for the tank cleaning facility.

In addition to the wash rack on the site, Coal City Cob is constructing a transload facility that is projected to be in operation by early summer 2008. In addition, a 48,000-sq.-ft. maintenance facility also is scheduled to open in 2008.