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BTI debuts vac trailer cleaning technology

Jan. 19, 2023
New AutoClean Vacuum Filtration System automatically cleans the filtration media, and recycles dry bulk material back into the load

Bulk Tank Inc. (BTI) recently released a new cleaning system for pneumatic vacuum trailers.

The AutoClean Vacuum Filtration System automatically cleans the filtration media and recycles the material collected in the vacuum canister back into the load. Additionally, it eliminates the need for 30- and 40-in. vacuum canisters containing upward of 500 filter tubes for the dustiest materials. The system accomplishes this without interrupting the vacuum loading process, and with minimal driver interaction, BTI said.

“This will reduce waste, decrease loading time, and reduce maintenance cost due to blower wear and failure,” the company said in a release.

BTI engineers designed the AutoClean system to handle all vacuum-loaded material with a 20-in. pressure-rated vacuum canister, which includes BTI’s Ultralight Manhole lid, Ultrafine Filtration Filter media, and the AutoClean Intuitive Control Box. The patent-pending system is the first “significant” innovation in pneumatic vacuum loading in over 30 years, according to BTI. The AutoClean Vacuum Filtration System is available now for a standard vacuum load operation, transfer load operation, or dust collection and recycle operations.

BTI, based in Park Hills, Missouri, is a supplier of pneumatic tank trailer and railcar parts and components.