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Spanish court validates PSI's step-up pump patent

The Mercantile Court in Spain recently ruled in favor of Pressure Systems International (PSI) on its patent infringement lawsuit against Euro Colven SAU.

PSI has patents in Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom covering the use of a step-up pump in order to achieve the necessary pressures to inflate trailer tires to their proper pressure. The Spanish court not only upheld the validity of PSI’s patent but further found that Euro Colven’s Vigia system, which uses a step-up pump, clearly infringes PSI’s patent. 

Consequently, purchasing or using the step-up Vigia system via Spain, or bringing a step-up Vigia system into Spain would violate the ruling of the court, once this has been enforced. 

“We are proud of our leadership position on a global basis,” PSI said in a statement. “We will continue to defend our innovations in all markets.”

The decision of the Spanish Court has been appealed by Euro Colven SAU and is pending.

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