CIMC establishes intermodal chassis tire retreading and supply operation

Dec. 6, 2017
CIMC establishes intermodal chassis tire retreading and supply operation

CIMC Commercial Tire has been created to focus on upgrading the options in the United States for intermodal chassis replacement tire retreading and supply. CIMC accounts for roughly 85% of US intermodal chassis sales.

Traditionally, intermodal tire retreading and supply has been viewed as a low cost, high unit demand market. Quality replacement and retread tire design technology and innovation for this segment of the transportation market has not kept pace, with few retreaders dedicating any specific resources to it.

CIMC, recognizing the unique needs of their U.S. intermodal customers to have specialization and enhancement in product design and value for their tire retreading needs, established CIMC Commercial Tire to provide technical solutions and expertise focused solely on this market segment.

Pat Gunn has been hired as chief executive officer of CIMC Commercial Tire. He is a tire industry professional with 35 years’ experience holding management and executive positions in all sectors of the commercial tire business. Gunn’s career began at Michelin and encompassed almost three decades with Bridgestone. Prior to taking his new position with CIMC Commercial Tire, he was senior director of sales and marketing for the commercial tire group at Giti Tire (USA). 

CIMC Commercial Tire is operated from a new, state of the art plant in Providence NJ with additional plant expansion planned for 2018. Their proprietary tread rubber design and compounding is designed to specifically address the rigorous demands of the intermodal application. Also:

• Availability in six tread widths from 180mm to 235mm to insure proper fit on all casings for retread.

• Matched major brand casing sets delivered to insure uniformity, performance and lower cost per mile for OE fitment, chassis refurb or replacement tire sales

• Unique life cycle solutions for individualized problems

• 21-point inspection program to insure quality product and process

• Custom customer reporting and individual bar-coded production software providing quality assurance and documentation.

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