Scully Connect overfill prevention sensor connection system launched in North America, UK

Sept. 20, 2017

Scully Signal Company has introduced Scully Connect to the North American and UK markets with a well-received response from customers. The patented Scully Connect Overfill Prevention System includes many time-saving and field-reliability features that bring a new standard of quality to the industry, according to Scully officials.

The improved system combines innovative technology with proven sensing reliability. It allows for quick, easy, tool-less, and error-free installation. Featuring pre-wired sensors and cables, it will save hours of installation and replacement time, prevent wiring mistakes, disable sensor bypassing, and allow for trouble-free connections.

The sensor and cables have been extensively laboratory and field tested for over two years to withstand extreme environmental conditions and ensure the dependability that Scully products have become known for.

“We took the time to really listen to our customers, and engineered a system from the ground up to save them time and money,” says Bob McGonagle, director of sales and service at Scully. “Fleets have been asking for a system that is easy to install and replace, and also incorporates the safety and reliability that Scully systems are known for. Scully Connect is that solution.”

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