Tremcar designs in greater flexibility for milk transport tanks

Feb. 28, 2017

Tremcar has designed new features into its standard farm pick up tanks to offer greater operational flexibility.

Imagine using a two-compartment farm pick up tank as a direct load tank. Or imagine using a transport tank as a farm pick up. Imagine not having to climb up on the tanker every time you load.

After the visionary side manhole tank, Tremcar has come up with a new design merging different applications to limit the drivers from climbing up on the tanks and provide the possibility to load from the smallest farm to the biggest facilities without having to change units.

The preliminary configuration is based on a standard two-compartment farm pick up specifications. Various modifications to the standard farm pick up tank had to be done to accommodate both the farm to farm pick up and the straight loading systems.

The “hut” style cabinet was constructed to fit the dog houses air tight. The outer frame (top and bottom) was modified to create the flat surface that seals air tight against the pads at the direct loading facilities.

The door hinges were modified to enable the door to swing completely out the way when backing against the pads. The curbside door is latched in the closed position while the driver’s side door is latched to the light box in a full 180 degree open position. With both doors secured there is no risk of damage while backing against the facility’s pads. Heated wires were installed in the front compartment pipeline to prevent freezing.

On a direct-load tank, the tanker is equipped with two valves enabling direct load with an automatic shut off system when the compartment is full. With a switch of valve, the operator can proceed to filling the next compartment without unplugging anything.

A dual probe system was installed to let haulers and farm management know when the tank is full. Two probes were installed in each compartment and wired to an electrical outlet mounted in the rear cabinet. The larger farm facilities provide electrical outlets to plug the probe system in order to activate the full tank alarm for direct load tankers and provide an automatic shut off system for farm pick-ups when the tanks are full.

Tremcar’s patented cable system seals the manhole and all opening ports at one seal point located at ground level. With QMI sampling ports at ground level, spill dams and Lumenite probes, the tank builder has reduced the frequency of climbing up on tanks. Only the receivers have to climb up when unloading and cleaning the tankers.

Tremcar does not design and build its tank trailers alone. The conception of this tank for example, was done in collaboration with Gavin Nephew, co-owner of Nephew and Son Hauling, and Tremcar’s milk tank technical specialists. The active participation of haulers and suppliers such as QMI in the conception of tank-trailers helps Tremcar adapt units to the needs of the owner-operators.

Nephew said: “I’m very excited that Tremcar is going to put this new design out there for everybody. It is very motivating to have the opportunity to help design a tool based on our needs. A tool that will increase the efficiency and safety of the milk hauling industry.”