Representatives from Tremcar QualiTru Sampling Systems with Meaghan Mikkelson

Tremcar participates in IMHA conference in Calgary

June 7, 2017

During the International Milk Haulers Association conference May 21-23 in Calgary, AB, Canada, Tremcar organized a memorable evening with Olympic gold medalist Meaghan Mikkelson.

The objective of the event was to highlight the fact that Canada and the United States have always worked well sharing boundaries whether it was for the exchange of culture, athletes, human resources for the work force, intellectual property and commercial goods, according to Tremcar officials. Meaghan was raised in Calgary, studied in Wisconsin and played hockey for the Wisconsin Badgers. She later came back to play for Hockey Canada and brought home two Olympic gold medals.

Meaghan is an example of how both countries contributed in training this fine athlete just like they work well together to innovate and provide the best products for its consumers. Tremcar manufactures stainless steel tank trailers in Canada but most of the components used to build their tanks are produced in the United States--stainless steel being just one important example. Exchanges of this sort provide jobs, innovations, and healthy economies for both Canadians and Americans.

The objective of the International Milk Haulers Association Conventions are to provide the occasion for its members--Canadians and Americans, composed of milk haulers, logistic managers, tank-trailer manufacturers and all the major providers for the milk transportation industry--to exchange information to help each other innovate, adapt their products and services to different regions in compliance with rules and regulations that exist.

Tremcar had the opportunity during the conference to demonstrate different milk tank trailers built for different regions in North America. Safety issue—particularly fall protection--were addressed, and Tremcar representatives highlighted different safety applications used by customers. From DFA, to Agropur, to Oxford milk, to Agri-Mark, all milk cooperations and transporters have their realities to deal with and Tremcar was there to show how they worked with individual needs providing tank-trailers equipped with diversified railing systems, ground level sampling ports, cable systems and other options to keep the drivers and other workers off the milk transport tanks.