STEMCO debuts QwikXtract kingpin removal system

Jan. 25, 2017

STEMCO, an EnPro Industries company and manufacturer of heavy-duty components and solutions for commercial vehicles, introduces the QwikXtract kingpin removal system. Suitable for use with most wheel-end configurations, the QwikXtract system consists of an integrated cart and self-aligning industrial-strength press.

The wheel-end cart allows the operator to safely remove the entire wheel-end assembly--brake drum, spindle and wheel end--and position it safely away from the repair work, reducing the time it normally takes to disassemble each component, muscle strain on the operator, and the potential for injury from falling parts.

The self-aligning hydraulic press keeps the push rods in line with the kingpin to optimize force placement and remove kingpins much faster than un-aligned systems. By removing without the use of manual force, the QwikXtract system increases operator safety and maintenance productivity.

“We’re committed to roadway safety, and that commitment extends to the mechanics and repair technicians who maintain commercial vehicles,” said Alejandro Ayala. “The new QwikXtract system not only makes their job safer and more efficient, it also helps companies get their trucks back on the road faster and boost their bottom line.”

The QwikXtract system features interchangeable hub mounts that allow it to be used with different wheel-end configurations with minimal changeover time. It is capable of supporting wheel ends up to 350 pounds.

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