Solimar adds metal-detectable Mini Fluidizers

Nov. 9, 2016

Assure zero contamination of dry bulk products with the new metal detectable Mini Fluidizer from Solimar Pneumatics.

 Instances of Solimar Fluidizer disks contaminating product are extremely rare, but metal detectable disks that have been mechanically damaged during bin cleaning, by extreme air pressures or improper installation now pose no danger. This is the first and only silicone-type metal detectable Fluidizer designed for the dairy, pharmaceutical and food related industries.

The 2” (50mm) diameter Mini disk fits in pipes, chambers, chutes and small hoppers to enhance flow of powders and dry bulk material in pneumatic conveying systems. Because of its compact size the Mini disk fits in curvatures as small as 4” (101mm). In most all applications, Solimar Fluidizers prevent bridging, rat holing, and material hang-ups.

The superior aeration of the Solimar Mini Fluidizer utilizes directional airflow along the wall of the chamber or pipe to loosen product and move it to the discharge point. Gentle vibration is provided at the outer edges of the disk to keep powders and bulk solids flowing. Because the disk seals tightly against the chamber or pipe wall, there is minimum backpressure. This design advantage also prevents airline plugging.

Solimar Fluidizers are compatible with food grade materials and are made of FDA approved silicone. Solimar disks enjoy a long history of structural integrity and are guaranteed not to tear under normal use or absorb moisture. When safety is paramount, this is the only choice when zero contamination is a must.

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