Purkeys helps Silver Eagle with fuel-saving, telescoping T-dolly

July 19, 2016

Purkeys, a company focused on providing electrical solutions for the heavy-duty trucking industry, has been working with Silver Eagle to make the T-Dolly as safe and smart as possible.

The T-Dolly is a telescoping dolly--designed and manufactured by Silver Eagle--that will automatically control the distance between trailers to conserve fuel. It uses a battery-powered hydraulic pump to extend and retract the drawbar. The T-dolly uses a Purkeys control module to control the pump and the logic of the system. Its battery’s charging system is also designed by Purkeys.

“We went to Purkeys because we heard about their liftgate charging systems, and we trust their reputation,” said Gary Gaussoin, president of Silver Eagle Manufacturing. “It just seemed like a natural partnership. It was great because they helped us with the smarts for the controller.” 

Purkeys’ control module has built-in safety features that continuously monitor the battery. Some safety features prevent the dolly from operating when stopped or they lock it out if the on-board battery gets low.

The module uses speed sensors to know when it needs to extend or retract. If the driver goes more than 45 mph, the T-Dolly retracts and brings the trailers closer together. This improves aerodynamics and saves on fuel cost. When the speed drops below 40 mph, the T-Dolly extends to help the driver make safe turns.

Purkeys’ control module is programmed to prevent gap adjustments at unnecessary times. There are more safety features installed that automatically extend the trailer if any errors are detected. The system also has a service light that indicates any issues and helps with troubleshooting.