Xman Race helping Tremcar find specialized trade workers

June 22, 2016

Investing in skilled employees is a priority for Tremcar Inc’s president Daniel Tremblay.

The company manufactures stainless steel and aluminum tank truck and trailers. Like the rest of the cargo tank manufacturing industry, Tremcar is having a difficult time finding competent and reliable welders.

This is one reason Tremcar has become a major partner of the Xman Race. Participants from Xman Races are young and physically active. The event is a fertile basin to recruit potential welder candidates. Tremcar wants to promote traditional jobs such as welding and show young people that they can make a great living out of it, according to Tremblay.

In early June, a second Xman Race was held in Sutton ON, Canada, following the one held in Toronto in May. Tremcar held a welding booth in collaboration with Vac Oxygen a company that offers a variety of services like welding equipment rental, repair and/or calibration of welders and welding technology training. The purpose of the booth was to stimulate the younger people to become welders.

“We need new welders to succeed those going to retirement,” Tremblay said. “To assure succession is to secure the future of our company, we need to invest and teach the trade in order to assure long term results.

“Finally, physical health is an important element when working on large equipment. You must be physically fit to weld tanks. Good physical shape equals good mental health. When welding one must be careful and meticulous, it's a job which poses risks if one is not alert.”