BTI’s BlackMaxx Throttling Plate eliminates corrosion, reduces overall weight.

June 8, 2016

Bulk Tank Inc has launched BlackMaxx Throttling Plates for pneumatic butterfly valves. Made of a composite material, the plates are corrosion proof and lighter in weight.

The durable composite material solves a long standing industry problem of dissimilar metal corrosion caused by two different metal types in close proximity to each other. In addition to the damage the corrosion can cause the plate it also can cause the valve stem to become inoperable.

According to BTI engineers, the new plate features a few industry firsts. The plate is constructed of composite fiber; a material currently used in the aerospace and auto industry due to its strength and weight reduction characteristics. Also, the new plate snaps on to the valve body using the existing valve top hole patterns. Because of this unique feature the plate requires no external hardware reducing the overall weight even more, up to 78% lighter than a standard stamped plate with fasteners.

Andy Boyer, president of BTI, said: “Once again we are extremely proud of BTI’s ingenuity and overall willingness to look beyond the status quo; to go beyond the industry paradigm and find innovative solutions to problems that have been plaguing the pneumatic tank industry for years, even decades. When used in conjunction with our HD handle with stainless steel tip, the combination offers a virtually maintenance free solution.”

Scheduled for release the third quarter of 2016, the 100% American made BlackMaxx Throttling Plate is offered in a 10-position and 5-position model. The 10-position model enables skating of the valve handle.

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