Heil shows truck-and-trailer featuring Civacon's COPS at WPMA

March 16, 2016

Civacon, part of OPW, announced that Heil Trailer International displayed a new truck and trailer with Civacon's COPS (Cross-Over Prevention System) at the recent Western Petroleum Marketers Association’s (WPMA) National Convention & Convenience Store Expo in Las Vegas NV.

The latest technology in cross-over prevention, Civacon's COPS has been designed to remove human error from the retail-site delivery process and prevent an operator from dropping the incorrect fuel-type into an underground storage tank--a costly and embarrassing mistake for the fuel-delivery company and fuel station.

COPS utilizes RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology that communicates to an on-board fluid property sensor to match the fuel type with the proper underground storage tank. Until the system receives a match, the API located on the truck tank and/or pull trailer will lock out the operator and remain locked until it receives a positive reading that the delivery elbow is connected to the proper drop tube. COPS technology removes the possibility of accidental or intentional cross-dumps, and does so with no modification at the rack and minimal additions to the retail site’s storage tank.

"WPMA was the perfect venue for Heil to feature the COPS technology on its truck and trailer unit,” said Chris Gooding, Director of Sales and Operations for Civacon. "At WPMA, sales representatives could really take the time to explain how easy it is to outfit a truck tank or trailer with COPS. This technology truly prevents the possibility of accidentally mixing gas with diesel, which benefits the fuel-delivery company and the fueling station in several ways."

The Heil truck-and-trailer on display at WPMA had a 5,400-gallon standard-duty truck tank with a 7,400-gallon standard-duty petroleum pull trailer. The unit was built to customer specifications and both the truck tank and pull trailer, were outfitted with the new Civacon COPS equipment.

For more information on COPS, please visit civacon.com/cops.