MAC Trailer promotes AeroMAC-1615 bulker

Feb. 24, 2016

MAC Trailer Mfg is proud to introduce its new state-of-the-art dry bulk pneumatic tank. The AeroMAC-1615 foodgrade tank trailer is a monocoque frameless design with a clean bore smooth interior that is engineered for maximum efficiency. 

Constructed of 5454-H32 aluminum, the 1,615-cu-ft capacity pneumatic trailer has a 14.7 psi operating pressure. The 102” wide trailer has a low center of gravity. Hardware includes foodgrade aerators and hoses, 4” product lines with a 5” butterfly discharge valve, and 3” air lines.

“Our engineers know that MAC customers want Safety, quality, and a better payload, and that is why our tanks are engineered to meet the wide regional and national requirement variations to keep you on the road,” MAC Trailer said in announcing the trailer. 

MAC Trailer offers some of the lowest tare weights in the industry complimented with high efficiency, easy cleanout, durability and superior craftsmanship throughout to keep your operation running with easy.

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