BTI redesigns Ultra-Lightweight Aeration Valve

May 12, 2015

Bulk Tank Inc (BTI) announced a redesign of its popular Ultra-Lightweight Aeration Valve to provide a built-in positive stop, in both open and closed positions, to ensure the position is locked-in.

According to BTI President Andy Boyer, the addition of the positive stop ensures trouble-free operation for the butterfly valve. “We had a great product and with the addition of the positive stop in both open and closed positions, well, the best just got better,” says Boyer. “We never stop looking for ways to improve--it’s just the way we are, always striving to produce the best products for the pneumatic conveying system, tank trailer, and railcar industries, while keeping them economically-priced and manufactured in the USA.”

According to BTI engineers, the American-made valve offers the same flow characteristics as conventional ball valves and weighs only 1.5 pounds, about three pounds lighter than a conventional brass ball valve. The FDA-compliant valve comes standard with a king nipple-to-female connection and an optional king nipple-to-king nipple configuration. Previously, aeration valves were threaded on both ends, requiring two additional king nipples to install in the aeration hose – this increased labor, weight and cost. A female-to-female configuration is also available.

The aluminum Ultra-Lightweight Aeration Valve is corrosion-resistant, competitively priced, easily operated and offers the same flow characteristics as a full port brass ball valve.

The 100% American-made and patent-pending, the Ultra-Lightweight Aeration Valve is available for immediate shipment. This is another example of BTI’s innovative product design, and as with all their products, Bulk Tank, Inc. unconditionally guarantees this product will outperform any similar product on the market today.

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