Mauser USA launches IBC and reconditioning joint venture with SAI in Mexico

Aug. 19, 2014

Mauser Group, a worldwide leading company in industrial packaging, announces the opening of Mauser International Mexico (MIM), an intermediate  and reconditioning joint venture operation with Servicios Ambientales Internacionales (SAI). MIM is a joint venture between MAUSER USA of East Brunswick NJ and SAI of Monterrey NL, Mexico.

The new operation is capable of providing customers with both new and reconditioned United Nations-certified IBCs, with a variety of valves and closure systems for the safe transport of applicable liquid products. MIM is also capable of picking up empty IBCs and plastic drums, providing customers a sustainable solution for their empty containers.

MIM can supply customers in the Mexican market with UN-certified IBCs capable of transporting 275 gallons (1,000 litres) of appropriate industrial liquids and ingredients. In addition, MIM can provide customers reconditioned IBCs as either "washed" or "rebottled" units. MIM sites in Mexico include Toluca, Queretaro, and Monterrey.

"The synergy between MAUSER and SAI along with the growth of the Mexican market will undoubtedly yield great results in the years to come," says Alejandro Cortez, general manager of MIM. "Both of our organizations have consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality and to the environment, which is critical to the success of our customers in the Mexican market. Our new state of the art wash-line in Queretaro combined with the production of new units in Toluca, will position MIM as a very strong competitor in this growing IBC market."

Siegfried Weber, senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Mauser Group, adds: "Our customers understand the importance of having a sustainable packing solution for their products and the formation of MIM will allow us to provide that very solution to them here in Mexico. Supplying customers with industrial packaging is simply not good enough anymore. If you truly want to help customers solve problems, then you need to provide a comprehensive solution from supplying new and reconditioned packaging as well as picking up the empty units once they have been used, then providing an environmentally friendly solution with the empty package ranging from washing and reuse to washing and regrinding into PCR (post-consumer resin)."

Jeff Simmonds, president and chief executive officer, Mauser North America, says: "Both 'new' and 'reconditioned' IBCs as a packaging choice continue to grow everywhere around the world and we are committed to keep pace with that growth. The decision to pursue that IBC growth in the Mexican market through a joint venture with SAI was an easy one. SAI’s experience with reconditioned packaging along with their market expertise is an excellent fit for driving more growth and helping more customers doing business in the Mexican market."