NTTC asking carriers to submit data for Liquid Product Database

July 23, 2014

The final stages in the development of the new Liquid Products Database (LPD) are underway, and tank truck carriers are encouraged to submit information for inclusion in the database. National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) launched the Liquid Products Database (LPD) project as a new member service designed to mitigate corrosion risk for stainless steel chemical trailers. 

This initiative was developed at the behest of the association’s Chemical Segment Group, which identified trailer corrosion as an increasingly expensive, systemic problem for this segment of the tank truck industry. The NTTC board of directors authorized an investment of $100,000 towards the LPD.

“The value of the LPD lies in the breadth of experience within the chemical-hauling portion of our membership,” says Dan Furth, NTTC president. “For this project to be successful, it is imperative that carriers provide voluntary information regarding their respective experience with specific chemicals. Your information will be submitted directly to our research partners at Battelle and all customer-specific information will be held in the strictest confidence.

“Please see the attached LPD input spreadsheet to be used for your data submission. You’ll find instructions on the first tab and spaces for data input on the second tab. If you do not have information for every column (eg, “G”), that is ok. Submit what you have. Even if you maintain corrosion information in a different format, submit your guiding data to Battelle and they will make every reasonable effort to convert your present information into a more development-friendly format to be utilized in this initiative.”

Initially, the LPD product will available without charge to NTTC members. The database will be available to non-members for a fee.

If there are any questions on this process, please contact LPD Steering Committee Chairman John Cannon at 920-960-7377 or [email protected]. Please submit completed spreadsheets directly to Battelle at [email protected], and they respectfully request submission of the information by July 31.