Boston Steel, Tremcar USA team up on tank products, service

March 17, 2014

Boston Steel & Manufacturing Co, a Malden MA manufacturer Class 7 and 8 liquid fuel tank trucks, is partnering with Tremcar USA to offer an expanded product line, while enabling each company to benefit from current and new generation technology in tank transports. The partnership was launched as Boston approaches its 100th year of continuous “made in the USA” operation.

“Both companies share a respected tradition of building and strengthening a family initiated business with attention to quality engineering,” says David Burke, president of Boston Steel & Mfg Co. “Meeting the specific needs of the many customers who rely on our transports to deliver product has spurred the growth of Boston Steel and Tremcar over the years.”

Founded in 1962 to fabricate stainless steel transports, Tremcar grew into a multi-facility producer of steel and aluminum carrier tanks for a wide range of liquid and dry products, including light and heavy petroleum, ethanol, waste recycling, cement, lime, sand, and flour. The company now has over 750 personnel in US and Canadian plants.

 “Teaming with the industry leader is a logical choice for us, as we continue to advance our capacity to serve the retail and wholesale fuel delivery marketplace,” says Daniel Tremblay, Tremcar USA president. “The competence and skills of our companies is impressive. Our coupling allows Boston Steel to now offer tanker trailers; Tremcar USA to gain from their vast experience in retail tanks; and for both to present the industry with new and improved options and beneficial delivery schedules.”

Boston Steel is recognized for many innovations to boost productivity over the years, the most heralded being the introduction of the “single warp reel” to speed fuel delivery at individual filling stops. In similar fashion, Tremcar USA has fostered much advancement in its tank fabrication methods, positioning the company to become one of North America’s largest tank trailer manufacturers.