ProVane can handle caustic transfers

April 1, 2008
Blackmer announces that its ProVane motor speed vane pump is ideal for caustic transfer applications in a biodiesel plant

Blackmer announces that its ProVane motor speed vane pump, which is available in CF8M (316) stainless steel, is ideal for caustic transfer applications in a biodiesel plant. The ProVane, designed to be an energy-efficient process pump, features a compact design and motor speed advantages.

This pump delivers reliability, reduced preventive maintenance, and operating speeds up to 3,600 rpm with capacities from 6 to 100 U.S. gallons (23 to 379 liters) per minute in five sizes ranging from 3/4- to 2-inch. Designed for continuous-duty operations, ProVane offers the self-priming, low shear, superior line-stripping and fluid-transfer efficiency of traditional vane pumps with the added benefits of higher operating speeds, longer bearing and vane life, and one mechanical seal. Using motor-speed technology, the pump does not require a gear reducer so it offers upfront equipment, installation, and energy-cost savings, as well as the smaller footprint of a complete pumping unit.

ProVane uses self-adjusting vanes to eliminate efficiency-robbing “slip,” maintaining near-original volumetric output capacity and consistency even after significant time in service to ensure consistent blend purity under a range of operating conditions. With proven priming and suction capabilities, these pumps are ideal for line stripping and superior lift from underground storage tanks.

Other features of the ProVane include a patented rotor and shaft design with a larger, sturdier shaft for an efficient pressure and velocity profile on the bearings; commercial mechanical seals, offering a wide range of sealing options including cartridge, tandem, and double configurations to match multiple application needs and reduce leakage risks; and the Blackmer patented noise suppression pumping liner that effectively reduces the noise and wear affects of cavitation.

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