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Tremcar USA to expand Ohio manufacturing footprint

Feb. 15, 2023
The $4 million expansion will more than double production capacity and bring an additional 27 to 30 new jobs to the facility.

Tremcar USA is investing more than $4 million for a new manufacturing building in Strasburg, Ohio, and is expanding its service center there to welcome two additional bays, the aluminum tank-trailer manufacturer reported.

The construction of the new building, which will include three new production lines, is scheduled to be in operation by the end of this summer.

The extra 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space will be devoted to the production of aluminum DOT 406 tankers. As for the service center, the addition of 5,000 square feet responds to the “pressing need” for maintenance and repair space, according to the company.

“Established in the United States in 1998 and in Ohio since 2004, it is time we invest to renovate our installations to meet greater demands from our customers in the USA,’’ Daniel Tremblay, president of the Quebec-based Tremcar group, said. “The industry is slowly changing, and we want to step up a notch to lower production costs without neglecting quality. We want to offer a safe working environment with top-of-the-line technology helping our employees to work smarter not harder.”

Dave Brooks, general plant manager at Tremcar USA, echoes Tremblay’s emphasis on human resources being at the heart of the expansion.

“Production has gone up, our employees are well established, and this is a real opportunity for growth,” Brooks said.

Tremcar USA plans to build a state-of-the-art 4.0 facility equipped with the latest technology. Everything will be “new from A to Z,” including new barrel rotators, new fixtures, new tool boxes, and more.

The expansion will more than double production capacity and bring an additional 27 to 30 new jobs to the facility. The company plans to reorganize the older facility to increase capacity and provide modern resting facilities for their employees.

Tremcar USA invested more than $1.5 million dollars in 2018 to build a new 8-bay service facility on the land beside their manufacturing plant.

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