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Certarus books $22M order for natural gas trailers

May 23, 2022
Quantum Fuel Systems’ VPLite45/40’ virtual pipeline units boast a gaseous capacity of 472,000 cubic feet, and weigh less than 59,000 pounds fully loaded

Certarus recently placed a $22 million order for Quantum Fuel Systems’ virtual pipeline trailers for natural gas.

Quantum said it expects to deliver the trailers in the second half of 2022.

“Quantum has been a partner with Certarus since 2017, and we are excited to continually expand this partnership, be an integral part of their growth, and supply additional trailers in 2022 to Certarus to support their mobile, low-carbon energy distribution fleet,” said Mark Arold, president of Quantum Fuel Systems.

Certarus again ordered Quantum’s VPLite45/40’ trailers, which have a gaseous capacity of approximately 472,000 standard cubic feet and weigh less than 59,000 pounds fully loaded, Quantum said. The VPLite45/40’ is certified for use in the U.S. and Canada and is a leading choice for customers who need a smaller, lighter trailer that is easily maneuvered in tight areas, while still hauling the most gas in the industry in a 40-foot container.

“Certarus is growing rapidly to meet the increasing need for safe, reliable, and mobile energy solutions,” said Curtis Philippon, president and CEO of Certarus. “Our ongoing partnership with Quantum has helped us to build the largest fleet in North America that can deliver compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen directly where it is needed.

“These additional Quantum VPLite45/40’ trailers will increase the capacity of our network to ensure that our industrial and utility customers receive a secure supply of low-carbon energy they can count on.”        

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