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Bulk Cargo Systems introduces ECO-TankVan dual-mode trailer

Jan. 28, 2022
Patented design of road-ready trailer allows bulk transporters to haul liquid or packaged cargoes with one vehicle

Bulk Cargo Systems recently introduced the ECO-TankVan dual-mode trailer, which allows bulk transporters to haul liquid or packaged cargoes with one vehicle, helping to eliminate less efficient ‘empty’ miles.

With the ECO-TankVan, a driver can head out with foodgrade liquid for delivery, and then return with palettized products.

The patented design of the road-ready trailer incorporates innovative, field-tested technologies that make it a ‘game-changer,’ according to the company, allowing bulk carriers to generate new revenue streams without adding drivers. The ECO-TankVan also enables fleets to reduce emissions while promoting safety.

“Given the current labor market and supply-chain challenges, the ECO-TankVan’s patented design provides a fitting solution for maximizing revenue in these unprecedented times,” the company said. “What’s more, ECO-TankVan technology provides the added benefits of emission reduction and superior safety, compared to conventional tankers.”

Total truck empty miles run about 20%. However, tankers hauling bulk liquid edibles often run more empty miles, Bulk Cargo said. By making return trips with packaged/palettized cargo, carriers convert empty miles to revenue miles, and new income can be shared with drivers to improve recruitment and retention efforts.

In addition, returning with packaged cargo eliminates unnecessary empty-tank emissions.

ECO-TankVans also offer superior safety compared to conventional tank trailers, the company maintained. They boast a 50% lower liquid center of gravity, drivers and technicians don’t have to climb on top to enter or inspect tanks, and an anti-fluid Slosh Dampening System delivers improved vehicle stability.

The ECO-TankVan tank unit is semi-permanently installed in a standard van trailer (dry or temperature-controlled) without structural modifications to the trailer.

Visit ecotankvan.com for more information.

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