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EnTrans International launches IntelliTank smart hauling solutions

Sept. 24, 2021
Heil, Polar tank trailers now available with technologies designed to make delivering liquid loads safer and easier for fleet owners, operators

EnTrans International is launching a new suite of intelligent tank technologies available on its Heil Trailer and Polar Tank Trailer product lines.

The new IntelliTank technologies will help fleet owners and operators haul safer, and more easily manage their Heil and Polar tank trailer fleets, according to EnTrans.

“We continue to work closely with customers, listening to their needs and engineering new and better ways for them to operate so they can achieve greater success,” said Jake Radish, senior vice president of sales and marketing for EnTrans’ North American tank trailer division. “These new IntelliTank innovations are just the first of many advanced tools to come.”

Within the IntelliTank family of technologies are IntelliSecure and IntelliOps. IntelliSecure is a collection of features that will help increase load security and allow fleet managers to track and monitor loads at a distance. For example, TempGuard helps track and monitor load temperatures from a distance so drivers no longer have to stop along their route to check and record temperatures.

IntelliOps innovations are designed to make operation easier for fleet managers and drivers. Included within IntelliOps is LightGuard, which provides additional illumination to key areas of the tank trailer, such as connections, valves, and hoses. This aids drivers who unload at service stations after dark and increases the visibility of the trailer when it’s being driven or parked.

EnTrans says it will continue to add new innovations to the IntelliTank family of technologies.

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