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Cutting machine Burch Tank

Burch Tank & Truck installs fiber laser cutter system

Burch Tank & Truck, which makes tanks for the chemical, crude oil, petroleum, ISO and industrial gas industries, recently expanded its cutting capabilities by adding a 20-foot fiber laser cutter at its 60,000-square-foot facility in Mt. Pleasant MI.

The company said the machine, which can cut thin metals three times faster than CO2 laser systems, provides highly accurate cuttings while operating more efficiently, with lower associated costs. The fiber cutter features an 8-ft-by-20-ft double bed capable of cutting parts ranging from small, intricate pieces to large items.

The cutter can handle up to ¾-inch carbon steel, 7/16-in stainless steel and aluminum alloys, and up to ¼-in brass, and also allows quick, precision cutting of unique materials that previously were difficult to manipulate.

“This is one of the largest fiber cutters in the Midwest,” said Jeff Harrison, CEO of Burch Tank. “In addition to our press brake and plate roll machine, our new laser cutter allows us to produce precise parts for all of our equipment, helping to make the highest-quality tanks possible.

“We are excited for the new opportunities. Burch Tank is now able to produce high-quality custom cutting and fabrication parts for not only Burch Tank but other businesses as well.”

The company said it will support other businesses by offering the new fiber laser cutting service at a “responsible” price.

Burch Tank

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