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BTI Never Seize BTI

Bulk Tank Inc adds new type of manhole lever adjuster

Bulk Tank Inc (BTI) of Park Hills MO recently added a new adjuster for manhole lever applications.

The company says the Never-Seize adjuster does exactly what its name implies—it won’t seize due to contamination or product buildup—helping solve an industry problem that long has gone overlooked.

“We took a fresh look at it,” said Andy Boyer, BTI president. “We recognized that the industry didn’t realize how much time and money was being spent replacing the old-style manhole adjusters.

“Now there’s a choice—a state-of-the-art and easily adjustable version.”

According to BTI, the Never-Seize adjuster will be available in stainless steel, high-strength carbon steel with nickel coating, or for the ultimate in product build-up resistance, a special proprietary coating material infused into high-strength carbon steel. The adjuster features internal adjustment threads with an o-ring seal and a built-in scraper to remove product build-up.

BTI Never Seize

BTI officials say an independent laboratory certified that the design of the BTI Never-Seize manhole adjuster is stronger than industry standards and up to 35% lighter, saving up to 10 pounds per trailer.

The new adjuster, which is 100% American made, is expected to be available for shipment in early 2020.

“This is another exciting example of BTI’s innovative product design, and as with all our products, we unconditionally guarantee this product will outperform any similar product on the market today,” Boyer said.

For more information, call 1-800-841-5524 or visit

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