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BlackMaxx Composite HD Handle BTI

BTI adds BlackMaxx Composite HD Handle for pneumatic tanks

BTI of Park Hills MO recently added a composite valve handle for the pneumatic tank trailer industry.

The valve handle is manufactured using the same composite BTI uses in its BlackMaxx butterfly valves, which have been on the market for seven years, the company said. The same composite material is currently used in the aerospace and auto industry due to its strength and weight reduction characteristics.

According to company officials, the new handle is the first of its kind. It’s 100% American made, incorporates a fastener-free handle retention system, lighter and stronger than standard stamped handles, it’s interchangeable with standard butterfly valves on the market, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

According to Andy Boyer, BTI president, the new handle will carry a price point at or below imports.

BlackMaxx Composite HD Handle

Available in two sizes, the BlackMaxx Composite HD Handle will be available for shipment fall of 2019, BTI said.

“This is another exciting example of BTI’s innovative product design, and as with all their products, Bulk Tank, Inc unconditionally guarantees this product will outperform any similar product on the market today,” the company claimed.

For more information, call 1-800-841-5524 (573-518-0600) or visit

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