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Grote adds 3-in-1 truck/trailer connectors

June 7, 2024
New family of Plug-and-Go power cord and air assemblies engineered to help fleets maintain compliance with rigorous safety standards.

Grote Industries recently launched the Plug-and-Go, three-in-one power cord and air assemblies product family.

More than just cables and hoses, these new assemblies represent a “paradigm shift” in fleet management, offering peace of mind and cost savings for truck and trailer operators, the company reported. Grote created the assemblies to help fleets maintain compliance with rigorous safety standards.

“Our goal at Grote Industries is to support our customers in achieving legal compliance, meeting DOT requirements, and above all, ensuring safety,” Bob Shively, Grote U.S. director of sales for electrical connections and accessories, said in a news release. “With our Plug-and-Go assemblies, we’re offering a reliable and affordable solution that helps fleets stay safe and compliant while maximizing their bottom line.”

Available in two part numbers, 81-3012 and 81-3015, Plug-and-Go assemblies come in 12- and 15-in. lengths, respectively, offering flexibility to meet the diverse needs of different fleets. “There is demand in the marketplace for an economy-priced, feature-rich three-in-one with fully compliant components and packaging,” said Mike Marchese, Grote Canada national sales manager. “Our distribution partners will certainly appreciate that Grote has once again delivered eye-catching, trilingual packaging to help them display and sell our products.”

Featuring durable rubber grips and including a stainless-steel clamp and snap clip for quick installations, Plug-and-Go assemblies are designed with convenience in mind, from the aftermarket distributor to the end-user, Grote added. The ABS power cord exceeds SAE J2394 standards, ensuring a secure connection to critical trailer safety systems, like LED signal lighting, while the rubber air hoses meet all DOT regulations for optimal performance under working pressure.

“With their ease of installation and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, these assemblies are poised to become indispensable assets for fleet operators across the industry,” Shively concluded.

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