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IPA unleashes ALPHA MUTT mobile trailer inspection system

June 6, 2019
Innovative Products of America recently introduced the #5700A ALPHA MUTT with ABS trailer inspection system.

Innovative Products of America (IPA) recently introduced the #5700A ALPHA MUTT with ABS, a complete diagnostic trailer inspection system designed to integrate all aspects of trailer service and repair.

The company said a technician now can control and test all lighting, ABS and air brake circuits with the provided tablet while conducting a walk around PMI or DOT inspection. The interface design is intuitive, and the tablet provides real-time data during the testing process. The ABS diagnostics reads and clears codes, displays diagnostic troubleshooting info and accesses ECU data with no lag time. Easy-to-use, it requires no training, set-up or software fees, IPA maintained.

“Every aspect of the ALPHA MUTT’s design has been thoroughly engineered from top to bottom to be the ultimate trailer testing and inspection system,” said Ian Vinci, president of IPA. “Whether you’re a service provider who wants to deliver faster and more professional inspections for your customers, or a fleet looking to reduce human error, paperwork and data entry while unifying inspections across the board, the ALPHA MUTT can upgrade your shop to maximize its potential.”

IPA claims the #5700A is one of the most advanced trailer inspection systems in the world. The modular design can be equipped with base features or expanded to grow with operations and is built to withstand harsh shop or field conditions.

Visit ipatools.com for more information.