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International truck offers newest truck lineup in North America

Dec. 4, 2017
Find International truck offers newest truck lineup in North America

NAVISTAR and International Truck have been tightly focused on updating and expanding the product portfolio over the past two years. New products are being rolled out at a rate of about one every four to six months, according to Navistar officials.

They also touted the benefits of the alliance with Volkswagen Truck & Bus. Through the alliance, Navistar and VW are collaborating on a number of projects, including telematics, next-generation big-bore engines, and a Class 6/7 electric truck that could be launched in 2019 or 2020.

“Navistar and International Truck are better than ever,” said Michael Cancelliere, president, Truck and Parts, Navistar. “We’ve made strategic investments throughout the entire company, and none are more strategic than our completely new lineup of products that are delivering industry-leading uptime. Our products offer our customers efficient solutions in any class of commercial vehicle and for any application with advanced technologies that support improved driver safety, productivity, fuel efficiency, and minimize total cost of ownership. We are a fundamentally different company that is moving forward and taking uptime to a whole new level.”

International Truck’s redesigned Class 8 line-up, including its on-highway and vocational products, was on full display during the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show held September 25-28 in Atlanta, Georgia. The HV Series, the newest addition to the lineup was launched September 25.

As part of the company’s Uptime mission, International introduced the DriverFirst product design philosophy over a year ago to build on International’s long-standing emphasis on customer uptime by sharpening the company’s focus on the driver’s point of view. Drivers are looking for something comfortable and functional, with a design that helps them do their job better. Drivers that are happy behind the wheel of their truck will be safer and more productive. International Truck listened to and implemented feedback from more than 800 drivers in the development of its recently introduced product portfolio.

Products demonstrating Uptime through DriverFirst include:

• HV Series vehicle designed with power, refined DriverFirst features, and the versatility to meet the most demanding vocational applications.

• International LoneStar, recently updated, combines bold styling and best-in-class driver features with a number of uptime and safety enhancements.

• International LT Series debuted in October 2016 is the company’s flagship line of Class 8 over-the-road trucks developed through driver centric design and featuring advanced technologies that deliver unrivaled fuel efficiency, best-in-class uptime and outstanding driver satisfaction.

• International RH Series, announced in April 2017, is a new Class 8 regional haul tractor powered by the new International A26 12.4L engine and designed to deliver best-inclass uptime, improved visibility, and outstanding fuel economy.

• International HX Series unveiled in February 2016 is a Class 8 premium vocational truck designed to deliver the strength and endurance required for the severe service industry.

The LT Series features dramatically improved aerodynamics and provides fuel efficiency that is seven percent better than the company’s most recent fuel economy leader, a 2017 ProStar with the Cummins ISX15 engine. The LT Series with the International A26 engine can achieve nine percent better fuel economy than the previous 2016 model engine paired with a ProStar.

International has always placed a strong emphasis on industry-leading aerodynamics as a solid foundation for fuel efficiency, and the CatalIST (International SuperTruck) delivers high-tech advancements already finding their way into production vehicles. CatalIST achieved a freight efficiency improvement of 104 percent compared to the control vehicle, exceeding the improvement goal set by the US Department of Energy for the SuperTruck program.

Fuel-efficiency developments included:

• International LT Series with the International A26 engine, launched earlier this year, is a powerful new 12.4-liter engine designed to provide industry-leading uptime to the Class 8 market. Driven by a commitment to deliver customer uptime, the A26 was developed through an initiative called Project Alpha, which brought together a new team of the industry’s foremost powertrain engineers. The initiative pursued a fresh approach using proven components to deliver industry-leading uptime.

• CatalIST (International SuperTruck) is an innovative SuperTruck demonstration vehicle that is driving innovations achieved from the program into future commercial vehicles. 

International continues to lead in uptime through new engine design and leveraging the power of connected services, according to Troy Clark, Navistar president and chairman. The International A26 was designed from the ground up to deliver industry-leading uptime, durability and reliability. It is an engine with uptime built into every part of the development process, from design to calibration to testing.

Navistar has invested significantly in telematics solutions and will continue to invest in new products that improve vehicle uptime and customer relationships. OnCommand Connection Telematics Solution is the industry’s only open architecture remote diagnostics system supporting more than 325,000 vehicles of all makes and models. OnCommand Connection Telematics and OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics are integrated with OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log (EDL), which automates federal Hours of Service compliance requirements that are mandated for all heavy duty trucks by December 18, 2017. 

The industry’s largest dealer network provides Navistar with the foundation required to execute on the promise to be the leader in Uptime. OnCommand Connection solutions combined with the Uptime Command Center are the backbone of International’s commitment to deliver industry best uptime.

Engines and connectivity solutions that help enable maximum  uptime include the A26 engine and the OnCommand Connection Interactive Experience featuring: OnCommand Connection Telematics, OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics, OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log.