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Girard introduces heavy-duty Hydraflo valve

March 13, 2024
Rugged rear discharge bottom outlet valve delivers resilient performance, regulatory compliance, electrochemical polishing, and optional steam jacket protection

Girard Equipment recently introduced the Hydraflo rear discharge bottom outlet valve.

The new valve boasts a host of features tailored to meet the demanding needs of industrial applications, ensuring “seamless operation and durability for years,” the company reported in a news release.

The valve’s rugged, heavy-duty cast design—executed with precision in Girard’s on-premise foundry—provides resilience against wear and tear, allowing it to withstand adverse conditions without succumbing to distortion. And the bonnet clamp comes with a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event of breakage, simply return the valve, and Girard will replace it with a new one, the company said.

“Engineered to surpass regulatory standards, it provides corrosion resistance and efficient heat transfer, complemented by the option for a steam jacket,” said Tim Girard, Girard Equipment president.

Further Hydraflo features include:

  • Compliance with CFR 178 and CFR 180 codes: Meeting regulatory standards is paramount in any industrial setting. Girard’s Hydraflo rear discharge bottom outlet valve is designed to adhere to the stringent requirements in CFR 178 and CFR 180, ensuring compliance and reliability in fleet operations.
  • Electrochemical polishing: Attention to detail is evident in the valve’s construction. The entire body, inside and out, undergoes electrochemical polishing, resulting in a bright, shiny finish. This meticulous process not only enhances aesthetics but provides corrosion resistance, prolonging the valve’s service life in harsh environments.
  • Steam jacket option: For applications requiring precise temperature control, Girard offers an optional steam jacket. Optimally sized and completely isolated from the tank’s lading, this feature ensures efficient heat transfer without compromising product integrity. Whether it’s maintaining viscosity or preventing freezing, the steam jacket option adds versatility for a wide range of industrial requirements.

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