Western Global

Western Global enhances FuelCube

Feb. 7, 2024
Upgraded jobsite tank container now features four-way forklift pockets, improved lid, emergency vent, and lighter-weight design

Western Global, a manufacturer of fuel and fluid storage solutions, recently enhanced its popular FuelCube on-site fuel tank with several new features, including four-way forklift pockets, an improved lid, built-in emergency vent, and lighter-weight design.

The two smallest sizes also now can be transported in a garage or smaller work environment with a pallet jack when empty, the company reported. The FuelCube is offered in four sizes to match jobsite capacity requirements and is designed for stationary applications.

“The FuelCube is one of our most popular fuel storage solutions and is used on a variety of jobsites ranging from general construction to major infrastructure projects,” Jeff Lowe, Western Global vice president of product marketing, said in a news release. “While the FuelCube has been a leading product for us, we don’t settle for good enough. The market and our customers are always changing and facing new challenges and opportunities.

“It’s important to us to remain attentive to customers and ready to offer enhancements that make their jobs easier.”

The FuelCube’s revamped lid offers an attached leash that improves product reliability, Western Global explained. Safety-wise, the new design features a flange with a vent on top that meets enhanced venting requirements without using accessory ports, leaving them open for telematics or other customer accessories.

The FuelCube now offers four-way forklift pockets that enable easier movement around the work area with a forklift when empty. The new design uses less metal than the previous model, making the 250- and 500-gallon versions light enough to be relocated with a pallet jack. This also means the new FuelCube uses less trailer weight, allowing it to be hauled at the same time as heavier equipment like generators, for a more efficient transportation process.

“Though lighter than before, the revamped FuelCube maintains its durability for tough jobsite applications,” the company maintained.

The upgraded FuelCube also comes in 1,000- and 1,800-gallon sizes. Its 100% double-walled containment eliminates the need for a secondary basin and can result in “significant” savings over the life of the tank. The FuelCube also offers a removable inner tank for efficient cleaning and inspection. It features corner brackets that allow users to save space on the jobsite by stacking it up to two-high when empty.

Additionally, a lockable equipment cabinet increases security for the fuel supply.