Geotab market adds Bridgestone’s IntelliTire TPMS

Nov. 14, 2023
The integration is the first in a series of capabilities that Bridgestone plans to bring to the Geotab Marketplace.

Bridgestone's tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), IntelliTire, now is available in the Geotab Marketplace.

Users of IntelliTire who also subscribed to Geotab's transport management system had to switch between Geotab's applications and Bridgestone's IntelliTire applications when managing their fleets. Now, users can seamlessly check tire health through the Geotab integration—a highly requested feature, according to Dan Levy, executive director of product at Bridgestone Advanced Tire Solutions.

"We made the decision to then create this Marketplace application so that customers who use Intellitire and then are Geotab subscribers could access their entire experience without leaving Geotab," Levy told FleetOwner. "It takes the nice-looking vehicle layouts with wheel positions and alerting type of applications, and it has ported those into the Geotab application frame for our mutual subscribers."

The value of the Geotab Marketplace is expandability and the power of choice, wrote Robin Kinsey, senior manager of marketplace sales at Geotab, in an email to FleetOwner.

"Bridgestone’s IntelliTire provides Geotab customers with advanced real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring insights," she said. "With access to these insights, commercial fleets can reduce tire costs, increase fuel mileage, boost productivity, and improve fleet safety. ... The ability to schedule, download and view these reports within one single platform helps save the customer’s time and simplifies tire maintenance."

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