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Tremcar, BTI partner on self-cleaning dry bulker

Oct. 23, 2023
Equipment suppliers showcase a pneumatic tank trailer equipped with the time-saving AutoClean filtration system during NTTC’s Tank Truck Week 2023

Tremcar and Bulk Tank Inc. recently partnered to equip a new Tremcar pneumatic tank trailer with BTI’s innovative AutoClean system—the industry’s first fully automatic vacuum filtration system.

The companies highlighted the new system, which is designed to reduce loading time and labor costs, and eliminate waste, on a Tandet Group trailer during National Tank Truck Carriers’ Tank Truck Week 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Key AutoClean features include:

  • Reduces the emission of fine particle dust into the air while loading
  • Eliminates messy spills and particles, as well as cleanups caused from cleaning out plugged filtration canister
  • Decreases load times, costly blower failures, and maintenance costs
  • Removes the need for 30- and 40-in. vac cans with 300 to 500 tubes for dusty products
“It’s the best return on investment your company can make,” Andy Boyer, BTI president, maintained in a news release.

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A tank can take up to nine hours to load. By using the AutoClean filtration system, fleets can save one to two hours in load time, BTI said, and the filter is cleaned while loading, saving additional time. The AutoClean system also cuts labor costs by eliminating the need to cease operations multiple times for filter cleanings; and materials are recycled back into the tank, instead of being ejected and discarded as in a manual process.

“The loading process often causes filter clogging, whereas with the AutoClean filtration system, the filter self-cleans while loading,” BTI explained.

Tremcar partnered with BTI because the manufacturer always is looking for innovative ways to save customers time and money by upgrading its trailers, the company said. “We are able to modify our drawings easily to incorporate new equipment that will make our customers’ lives easier,” said Corey Kirk, chef engineer at Tremcar.

The AutoClean system could become a standard feature in the future, Tremcar added.

“There is a lot of value in making the AutoClean filtration system our standard on future stock units,” Kirk concluded. “It’s definitely on our radar.”

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