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Roadwarrior adds EGR coolers, components

Sept. 11, 2023
New line of aftermarket emissions equipment designed for Cummins, Volvo, Mack, and Detroit Diesel HD engines

Roadwarrior recently launched a new line of EGR coolers tailored for Cummins, Volvo, Mack, and Detroit Diesel HD engines.

The new line builds on Roadwarrior’s experience in manufacturing premium, reliable aftermarket DPFs, DOCs, and SCR components that keep the trucking industry moving, the company said.

“Our new line of EGR coolers further cements our position at the forefront of the aftermarket space,” Roadwarrior’s Jay Daran said in a news release. “’incredibly proud to provide our clients with products that are not only of unparalleled quality but also come with the kind of post-purchase support and convenience that they deserve.”

Key features include:

- Covers most popular engines: Roadwarrior’s brand-new EGR coolers for Cummins, Detroit Diesel,

Mack, and Volvo are available for order now.

- Immediate availability: Orders can be placed through any authorized Roadwarrior distributor in the

U.S. or Canada or directly online.

- Fastest delivery: Free next-day shipping is now a standard offering, ensuring that your product reaches

you in record time.

- Flexible pickup options: For those in a rush, free same-day pickup is available from any of

Roadwarrior’s 13 strategic North American warehouse locations.

- Guaranteed performance: The new EGR coolers come with the trusted Roadwarrior hassle-free

warranty, ensuring customers feel confident in their investment.

“Our ties to DCL Technology Group give us access to superior materials and the latest emissions control research, and our engineers use this to create efficient, reliable products,” Daran said. 

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