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Phillips’ EC47 tractor-trailer connector unlocks ‘new era of communication’

Aug. 25, 2023
The supplier’s new connector features cross-compatibility, and Ethernet and CAN connectivity to streamline fleet operations, enhance efficiency, and optimize performance

Phillips Industries recently unveiled the EC47 tractor-trailer connector, which is designed to deliver “a new era of communication, power transfer, and safety for tractor-trailers,” the company said.

The EC47 includes two Ethernet connectors, two CAN networks, 4-AUX connections and 7-way J560 power connection and is cross-compatible, expanding tractor-trailer communication and allowing fleets to upgrade their systems when they are ready.

Made in partnership with O’Neil Components, the EC47 requires no adapters and can interface with present-day J560 components. Its cross-over ability allows the EC47’s components to work interchangeably, considering a fleet's ability to embrace new technology and safeguard their equipment's future readiness without disrupting daily operations or their regular replacement cycles. This avoids the necessity of a large-scale retrofit operation that takes equipment out of service and drains available resources.

However, fleets can choose to retrofit current equipment with EC47 technology as their schedules and resources allow. Fleets can also order new equipment with the EC47 and now that the entire fleet will remain cross-compatible, the company said.

Additionally, the tractor-trailer connector features CAN-equipped ABS system compatibility that can work with ISO 11992 or SAE J1939 CAN protocol. These protocols are currently on many new brake control modules to coordinate ABS and roll stability events between truck and trailer, add brake-related data sharing, and provide reduced stopping distances.

Other expanded capabilities of the Phillips EC47 technology include two 1000BASE-T1 capable ethernet connectors supporting 1G/sec speeds capable of streaming multiple video feeds and camera viewing. Four additional auxiliary pins accommodate added power and functionality between tractor and trailer, eliminating ABS system voltage drop concerns on long road trains.

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