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SKF Vehicle Aftermarket extends leading warranty

Jan. 13, 2023
SKF's hub warranties are increasing from three to five years.

SKF Vehicle Aftermarket North America will be increasing its leading warranty offer across its entire line of automotive hubs from three to five years. The expanded full warranty covers SKF's complete lineup of premium auto hub components.

“As a trusted manufacturer of premium aftermarket components, we continually aim to improve the customer experience with enhanced value and long-term dependability, which is why we’re doubling down on our leading warranty offer,” said Ron Klopf, director of automotive sales at SKF North America Vehicle Aftermarket.

Part of the reason for the warranty alteration the industry’s shift towards sustainability, whether that impacts a fleet’s choice of lubricant or manufacturers using 3D printing.

“As the automotive industry makes the transition to a sustainable marketplace, the demand for more robust product protection has also grown significantly,” continued Klopf. “Our goal with this initiative is to better align with consumers' expectations for greater peace of mind and long-lasting protection.”

SKF last partnered with Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) in 2019 to extend the warranty on the organizations automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) when used in conjunction with SKF’s Trouble-Free Operation (TFO) System. While the warranty extension was contingent on ensuring that new technology would be used and covered, it still demonstrated SKF’s work to encourage sustainable practices.

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