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Geotab adds Phillips Connect asset tracking

Oct. 19, 2022
StealthNet, SolarNet now available through Geotab’s Marketplace Order Now program, and fully integrated with the MyGeotab platform

Phillips Connect's asset tracking and management solutions now are available through the Geotab Marketplace Order Now program.

The supplier said its StealthNet and SolarNet solutions are fully integrated with the MyGeotab platform, providing users with faster access to analytics that help increase operational efficiency and lower operating costs.

Phillips Connect is a trusted name in asset tracking and management, with tens of thousands of devices in operation today. StealthNet and SolarNet are IP67 rated, making them ideal solutions for capturing actionable data from trailers, chassis, containers, equipment, and light-duty vehicles that operate in harsh conditions. They are also easy to install, require almost no ongoing maintenance, and are expandable to interface with other sensors through hard-wire and Bluetooth connectivity.

“We’ve made work easier for our customers by integrating our most popular asset management solutions to be accessible, and interface seamlessly within MyGeotab,” said Phillips Connect’s VP of Customer Experience, Jessica Smith. “Phillips Connect and Geotab share a passion and expertise to deliver information that enhances our customers’ businesses. We’re proud to deliver it with a great user experience.”

Geotab’s robust integration infrastructure enables seamless user experiences across a broad spectrum of third-party technology and solutions available through the Marketplace. This allows MyGeotab users to easily gather and analyze data through a single platform, rather than having to access multiple platforms and managing data separately.

Economic and societal pressures are leaving commercial transportation businesses more vulnerable to the negative impact of issues that challenge the sector, such as trailer and cargo theft and loss, and inefficient asset and time management. Phillips Connect’s technology available through the Geotab Marketplace Order Now program helps users procure solutions quickly and conveniently, allowing them to make informed decisions that can help mitigate risk, improve productivity, and create cost efficiency.

The integrated solution provides users with the ability to track assets diligently to manage theft or loss, automate yard checks, and help identify maintenance issues before costly repairs are needed.

Key benefits of the integrated solution include:

  • Allows for total awareness of trailer health with deep data insights and analysis in real time
  • Enables comprehensive monitoring of chassis sensors to receive status updates and notifications to help identify issues before they arise
  • Helps users monitor location and status of containers and cargo with real-time alerts
  • Provides visibility into location and status of small vehicles and heavy equipment with high-performance tracking

“We see the needs of our customers changing as today’s inflationary pressures, labor challenges, and a strained supply chain challenge their business. It’s our duty to continue to find ways to cater to the evolving needs of those we serve,” said Geotab’s Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Scott Sutarik. “By providing our customers with seamless access to leading asset management solutions at the click of a button, we empower them to make smart and nimble business decisions that yield tremendous value.”

Geotab and Phillips Connect began their partnership in 2019. Geotab launched the Order Now program in 2021, allowing users access to Marketplace solutions directly within the MyGeotab platform by simply using the “Add to Cart” button.

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