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Coxreels upgrades C-Series LED lights

Sept. 15, 2022
Coxreels' new LED series can serve a variety of applications, featuring shatter-resistant lenses and internal light diffusers, and can be compactly stored on reels for increased safety

Coxreels now offers a line of industrial-duty LED lights that provide technicians with the ranged, flexible lighting solutions they need for any shop environment. 

The newly available PC13-5016-H, PC13-5016-M, and the PC13-5016-K lights each provide specific features to suit any technician’s needs. The PC13-5016-M provides a compact LED light source, the PC13-5016-K includes an additional power source, and the PC13-5016-H is a UL Listed LED light, the company said. All three are compatible on the dual-purpose C Series reels, which can accommodate both electric cord and air-hose combinations.

With a 50,000-hour rating, internal light diffusers, and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, any of these three LED lights can withstand the various stressors of a technician’s job. When not stored safely on their reel to avoid trips and slips, each light also includes adjustable steel hooks to facilitate hands-free placement.

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