Western Global
Western Global 60th Birthday

Western Global celebrates 60 years

Sept. 14, 2022
The worldwide fuel and fluid storage specialist was founded in 1962 as a family-owned trailer manufacturer in Bristol, England

Western Global turns 60 years old next month.

The fuel and fluid storage specialist, which is marking six decades of manufacturing transportable equipment in October, was founded as a family business in Bristol, England, in 1962 before becoming the global company it is today. As Western Global celebrates the milestone, its leaders credit the committed employees and customers whose efforts have helped shape the company’s reputation for excellence.

“At Western Global, we have a 60-year history of readying customers for whatever the jobsite or industry demands,” said John Cleary, Western Global Americas vice president of sales. “Our longevity in the market allows us to understand what the industry is looking for and provide innovative and reliable solutions that our customers trust.” 

Western Global was founded as a trailer manufacturer and operated with that focus until the local fire department asked if water tanks could be placed on the trailers. So less than 10 years after its founding, Western Global introduced a transportable water tank. After decades of manufacturing water tanks, the company identified a need in the fuel storage industry, and in 2002, the first TransCube Global fuel tank was launched as its debut to fuel storage solutions. This transportable on-site fuel tank features a cube-shaped design and can easily be moved around the jobsite—even when filled with fuel, the company said. Since then, Western Global has directed its focus to the fuel industry and expanded throughout North America and Europe.

“Our focus on fuel storage solutions sets us apart from our competitors,” Cleary said. “While other manufacturers focus on fuel tanks as one of many products, we’ve put our assets toward developing world-class solutions for the fuel industry.”

Western Global continues to prepare customers for the demands that come with an ever-changing jobsite. Most recently, renewable diesel has risen as a fuel trend that many believe is the wave of the future. Renewable diesel, a sustainable, low-carbon biofuel derived from waste products and other biomass, reduces emissions by up to 85%, supporters claim. As a proactive approach, Western Global designs its on-site fuel tanks to be renewable diesel-ready. This allows customers to switch from regular petroleum diesel to renewable diesel on a timeframe that works best for them, without needing to change their fuel storage solution. 

“We strive to be ready for any situation, which also means monitoring the pulse of industry trends,” Cleary said. “By listening to our customers on the ground and innovating from within, our engineers have been able to stay a step ahead when it comes to developing tomorrow’s fuel storage solutions.”

Western Global fuel tanks offer a next-generation design that includes double-walled containment to protect the environment and ease maintenance, along with card-lock anti-theft technology for peace of mind. The features of these fuel tanks work together to help customers manage their fuel supply and mitigate rising costs, the company said.

Western Global is committed to growing in the North American market, with new locations near Charlotte, North Carolina, in Pineville, and in Sacramento, California, that provide fast response times for customers.

“We couldn’t be prouder of where our company is today, and we are excited to see what the next 60 years bring,” Cleary concluded.

“As we evolve with new fuel trends, we will continue to be at the forefront of the market to provide the resources our customers need.”