VT Truck 2.0

ATEQ upgrades TPMS tool for commercial vehicles

July 15, 2022
‘Modern and adaptable’ VT Truck 2.0 specifically designed for HD trucks includes all-new on-board diagnostics coverage, supports variety of sensors

ATEQ TPMS Tools recently added the “modern and adaptable” VT Truck 2.0 to its line of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) tools following the success of its original VT Truck tool.

VT Truck 2.0 offers functionalities specifically designed for the maintenance of trucks and includes all-new on-board diagnostics (OBD) coverage, the Novi, Mich.-based manufacturer said.

“We’ve listened to the fantastic feedback from our customers and partners and have determined that commercial TPMS is the hottest topic for both North American and European markets,” said Matthias Froehlich, European sales manager. “We are very proud that we can not only answer all the questions but also have a solution for our customers.

“The VT Truck 2.0 is the first TPMS tool that works for all OE manufacturers, has an OBD module, and supports a variety of programmable sensors. We are very proud to stay ahead of the curve by setting a new benchmark.”

With an all-new sturdy, compact design, the tool can easily read sensors, even in twin wheels, and manage up to 22 wheels, ATEQ said. The tool is compatible with most truck TPMS sensors and can be updated to work with new heavy-duty vehicles as they’re introduced. VT Truck 2.0 will also have the ability to program aftermarket sensors specifically for commercial trucks.

“Relearning the TPM system on heavy-duty trucks is just as important as passengers cars,” Froehlich said.