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Phillips expands spring kit designs

March 3, 2022
New 16-inch QWIK-CHANGE dual trackers boast enhanced features intended to improve performance

Phillips Industries recently introduced two new dual tracker spring kit designs with enhanced features intended to improve performance. 

Springs that work well are unobstructed in their ability to expand and retract without interference, the company said. While performance can be hindered by improper spring selection or installation, the design of a dual spring kit vs. a single spring kit creates an added challenge. Dual spring kits can become “tangled or knitted” together at the bottom section of the springs during extension while exposed below the protective cover.

The newly designed QWIK-CHANGE 16-inch dual tracker spring kit with QWIK-SNAP (17-420) now includes an unbreakable composite spring separator to the top and bottom of the springs. This new design keeps the springs separated from one another as they extend, and eliminates the need for a two-carbineer attachment to the tracker bar, Phillips said. The result is overall improved performance.

For added selection, a new QWIK-CHANGE 16-inch dual tracker spring kit (17-425) with the additional benefit of the spring separators is now available with the QWIK-CLAMP hose holder (17-180).

Phillips’ new dual tracker spring kits offer vehicle operators unobstructed and improved spring performance, achieving full cable working length while keeping cables and hoses secure and off the deck plate. They have durable PVC sleeves to protect the springs and are easy to install.

Both kits are available from Phillips authorized dealers throughout North America.

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