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Phillips Industries introduces maintenance-free Tank Saver

Nov. 22, 2021
New heated electronic drain valve automatically purges excess moisture in air-operated systems

According to Phillips Industries, its new Tank Saver is designed as a “set-it-and-forget-it” product to drain air tanks, eliminating the need for service after installation.

Air brake systems are not impervious to water and debris and need to be purged regularly to avoid scaling and corrosion in the air tanks and keep the entire system in good working order. Condensation from evaporated moisture separated from compressed air in the air tank can sit in the tank and even travel through the system.

The new Tank Saver is a heated electronic drain valve that automatically removes excess moisture in applications where air tanks require draining, the company said. Such applications include tractors, trailers, and other commercial vehicles.

The drain valve automatically releases a one-second blast of air every five minutes during operation to prevent the build-up of moisture and harmful contaminants. As a result, brakes and other air-operated systems receive cleaner, drier air, extending component service life and uptime. The Tank Saver is also corrosion resistant and built for harsh weather conditions. A thermostatic 15-watt heating element provides year-round protection from low temperatures for continuous operation. For enhanced performance, the Tank Saver also integrates with telematics solutions with a 5-volt feedback loop that confirms valve actuation for automated monitoring.

An optional 6-inch molded ABS/ECU plug-in harness with a 20-foot drop out for wiring the Tank Saver into the system is available for quick and easy installation on any trailer. The advantage of this harness removes the guesswork during installation and saves on downtime and cost, especially when paying for a professional to install it.

The Tank Saver Heated Electronic Drain Valve (Part #12-824) and the optional Tank Saver Trailer Harness (Part #60-4095-02) are available from Phillips authorized dealers in North America.

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