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Suttons acquires VTG Tanktainer assets

Nov. 8, 2021
New purchase agreement grows company’s international division through addition of overseas ISO tank containers, personnel, customer contracts

Suttons International Limited recently agreed to acquire VTG Tanktainer’s overseas ISO tank containers, personnel, and customer contracts, including VTG’s interests in a joint venture with Mission Line in Brazil.

VTG Tanktainer is a subsidiary of VTG Aktiengesellschaft.

“This acquisition will strengthen our geographical scale and give us a strong presence in new markets to better serve our customers, as well as provide greater opportunities for all staff,” said John Sutton, managing director of Suttons International and CEO of Suttons Group.

“It will firmly establish our business amongst the top 10 global tank container operators and will be integrated into our existing, robust management structure.”

VTG’s interests in its established joint venture COSCOVTG Tanktainer Co., to service the domestic Chinese market, is not part of the Suttons transaction. VTG Tanktainer and COSCOVTG Tanktainer will be working in the coming weeks and months, along with Suttons, to ensure a three-way partnership to support the joint venture’s ISO tank customers.

Suttons International is part of the family-owned Suttons Group, a U.K. and global logistics business providing end-to-end solutions and services to the bulk liquid, gases, and powders sectors. This acquisition will further increase its capability to serve its customers and extend its global reach, the company said. VTG Aktiengesellschaft is an international wagon hire and rail logistics company with more than 94,000 railcars on its books at the current time, making it the biggest privately owned fleet in Europe.

Suttons said it will take control of the acquired business in the coming months. In the interim, VTG will continue to manage the tank containers, personnel, and customer contracts. Suttons and VTG will communicate during this period with all personnel, customers, suppliers, and agents over the transitional plans and ongoing relationships.

“(We are) looking forward to welcoming our new, highly valued colleagues into the business and continuing the successful execution of our purpose to ‘Deliver Life’s Essentials Safely,’” John Sutton said.

In selling its overseas activities, VTG Aktiengesellschaft is strategically realigning its VTG Tanktainer business unit. In the future, VTG Tanktainer will focus on the global leasing of tank containers, flanked by integrated logistical services.

“This sale refocuses and aligns our asset business with the strategy of the whole VTG group,” said Oksana Janssen, chief operating officer for Eurasia and Far East at VTG AG. “It also ensures the operating business meets our long-term profitability expectations, both during and beyond the coronavirus crisis.”

Focusing sharply on the leasing business leaves VTG in position to service growing customer demand for integrated intermodal logistics solutions, VTG said.

“Our broad spectrum of fleet offerings, our extensive logistical network and the expertise embodied by VTG Tanktainer—especially in the transportation of chemicals and hazard goods—lay the ideal foundation for a global footprint built around focused logistical services in Europe and Eurasia,” said Klaus Wessing, head of the VTG Tanktainer business unit.