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Truck-Lite’s new heated lights increase visibility for bulk transporters

Oct. 26, 2021
Heated Super 44 and 60 Series LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lights prevent snow and ice build-up, promote safe, incident-free operations

Truck-Lite recently introduced heated Super 44 and 60 Series Stop/Tail/Turn (STT) LED lights to reduce buildup of ice and snow on light fixtures.

Heated LED lighting solutions can help protect vocational trucks and specialized equipment, including liquid tank and dry bulk trailers, from adverse effects caused by poor visibility, the company said.

“As bulk transporters carry heavier loads that are often more valuable and more hazardous when compared to the typical general freight hauler, the challenges brought on by winter become greater,” said Shane Brown, general manager of Truck-Lite. “Our new heated LED stop/tail/turn lights help bulk transporters maintain visibility on the road, helping them operate safely and incident free when the weather becomes challenging.”

Designed to combat ice and snow build-up, the heated Super 44 and 60 Series LED STT lamps represent the latest innovations in lighting and safety. Using self-regulating heating technology, the lamps are warmed continuously once the temperature falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

These lamps are rugged and durable, capable of withstanding vibrations of up to 10 g-force, and Truck-Lite engineers developed them without sacrificing product aesthetics, the company said. The heated Super 44 maintains the iconic “pentastar” light pattern many fleets have long recognized as a symbol of Truck-Lite quality.

Incident-free operations in wintry road conditions protects drivers and others on the road, keeps vehicles on the road, and prevents unexpected surprises hitting the maintenance budget. This year, the stakes are even higher. Global supply chain disruptions and ongoing labor shortages mean minor repairs from even the smallest accident likely will take longer or cost more to complete than a few years ago.  Incorporating heated light fixtures help prevent potential accidents by making heavy commercial trucks more visible on the road, effectively helping older equipment remain in operation during a time when expected delivery times for new vehicles continue to change throughout the industry.

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