Coxreels V100 Series Combo

Coxreels adds vacuum series reel options

Aug. 16, 2021
Improved V-100 Series product line now includes 1¼-inch reels with, without hose; revamped swivel design for multiple hose connection sizes

Coxreels recently improved and expanded its V-100 Series product line, introducing a new 1¼-inch vacuum hose reel (V-112-735) without hose, and the V-112H-735 with hose.

The new model has a smaller frame size, featuring 12-inch-diameter discs, instead of the original 17-inch-diameter discs, that is designed for use with 35 feet of 1¼-inch vacuum hose. The outlet connecting to the hose remains 1½ inches, and Coxreels’ 1¼-inch hose comes equipped with 1½-inch slip cuffs on both ends for maximum flow.

In addition to the new models, the swivel was improved on the entire product line, Coxreels said. The new swivel design still allows for the connection of multiple hose sizes by using the inside and the outside of the housing, but a greater gradual taper increases the amount of compatible inlet hose cuffs. This remains important because retail shop vacuums are coming with larger and larger hoses, some as big as 2½ inches. The swivel also includes hidden improvements via an enhanced O-ring sealing system for greater vacuum consistency and performance.

The hose has a super flexible “crush-proof” smooth interior hose suitable for commercial cleaning applications and is equipped with standard 1½-inch threaded hose cuffs on both hose sizes.

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