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Girard introduces line of foodgrade tank vents

June 23, 2021
New Girard Sanitary Vents, available with standard foodgrade and 3A connections, are easily cleaned and reset

Girard recently introduced a 3A sanitary vent that can quickly be disassembled, cleaned and reset without hand tools.

The company says its reliable new Girard Sanitary Vent is made from solid 316 stainless steel materials, along with a replaceable Teflon seat that is proven to be an ideal choice for high-temperature food applications and kosher washes.

The Sanitary Vent, available with connections for standard foodgrade and 3A sanitary use, is suitable in a variety of applications due to its range of pressures and vacuum factory settings, Girard said. The vent also is adaptable for portable and static production tanks.

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