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Eaton extends diaphragm spring clutch portfolio

May 27, 2021
Additions to vehicle group’s lineup designed to optimize performance across spectrum of applications

Eaton’s vehicle group recently unveiled new additions to its 430-millimeter diaphragm spring clutch lineup for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

According to the power management company, the new clutches offer solutions for current and future powertrain technology advancements, including downsized and downspeed engines.

The 430-millimeter diaphragm spring clutch portfolio features the latest technologies for increased durability and longer uptime, as well as superior noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) characteristics. The new diaphragm spring clutches are available in a variety of actuation styles and damper sizes, Eaton said.

“Eaton diaphragm spring clutches provide OEMs with integrated solutions that meet NVH and longer-life requirements,” said Scott Davis, business unit director for commercial powertrain in Eaton’s vehicle group. “The new Standard Duty, Severe Duty, and Extreme Duty designations within our portfolio allow us to provide a comprehensive line of clutches to our OEM and aftermarket customers.”

Downsized engines

To help meet global emissions and fuel economy regulations, many manufacturers are producing downsized and downspeed engines. Those newer engines produce peak torque at lower RPMs, which can create increased levels of engine torsional vibration. Eaton’s new 285-millimeter diameter damper clutches are designed to reduce those vibrations and feature the first application of Eaton’s Soft Stop technology in a heavy-duty application. Soft stops increase clutch durability by reducing stress on the damper springs during potential over-torque events.

Traditionally, heavy-duty diesel engines use a 232-millimeter or 254-millimeter diameter damper, which primarily mitigate engine vibrations from traveling through the entire driveline—through the clutch, into the transmission, down the driveshaft and into the axles—reducing damage and enhancing the driving experience.

Push self-adjust Standard Duty, Extreme Duty

The push self-adjust design includes Standard Duty models, primarily designed for on-highway applications such as linehaul and regional delivery. Eaton’s 430-millimeter push self-adjust design with an organic facing provides a clean release, smooth engagements and faster gear shifts.
The push self-adjust design also is now available in new 2,650 Nm (1,950 ft.-lb.) and 2,800 Nm (2,050 ft.-lb.) torque rating models and a 254-millimeter damper and 2,500 Nm (1,850 ft.-lb.) torque rating version.

In addition, a new push self-adjust Extreme Duty model clutch is available in 254-millimeter and 285-millimeter damper sizes with a 2,650 Nm (1,950 ft.-lb.) torque rating. It features higher thermal capacity alloy components and an optimized pressure plate mass for improved durability and enhanced low-speed maneuverability. Severe Duty vocational applications need to be able to maneuver and drive at high loads, which means a more demanding thermal duty cycle and a higher torque requirement. To meet these needs, the main damper springs have been upgraded for improved NVH characteristics.

Extreme Duty clutches use a new organic facing, more robust pilot bearing, and are designed for more frequent starts and stops found in on/off-highway applications, Eaton said. They offer improved durability, providing 63% more actuations over standard temperature versions, and more uptime, minimizing the number of “clutch abuse” warnings before intervention, which allows for 50% more launches.

Push wear-thru Standard Duty

Standard Duty models previously available in a 232-millimeter damper and 2,150 Nm (1,585 ft.-lb.) torque rating also are now available in 254-millimeter damper with a 2,650 Nm (1,950 ft.-lb.) torque rating and a 285-millimeter damper with a 2,800 Nm (2,050 ft.-lb.) torque rating. 

Pull wear-thru design

A pull wear-thru design is primarily used in vehicles outside of North America and includes Standard Duty models with a long-life organic clutch facing available in 254- and 285-millimeter damper sizes with torque ratings from 2,800 Nm (2,050 ft.-lb.) to 3,200 Nm (2,350 ft.-lb.). Severe Duty models are also available, featuring a ceramic facing better suited for vocational applications available in a 232-millimeter damper size with torque ratings from 2,200 Nm (1,600 ft.-lb.) to 2,500 Nm (1,850 ft.-lb.)

“We’re always looking at market trends, customer needs, and technology advancements to continuously improve our portfolio,” said Davis. “By expanding our diaphragm spring clutch portfolio, our aim is to help customers pursue new powertrain advancements today and well into the future.”

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